Mission Statement

My vision for Little Carnegie of the South is inspired by the realization that all artists of every creative expression should have the opportunity to share their talents with those who appreciate, encourage, and support them. Most people with outstanding abilities will rarely be heard or their works of art seen. They appear a few times here or there but fade quickly leaving no real mark on the waiting world.

A performance at Little Carnegie of the South may never launch a career, but it could help keep alive that special passion an artist feels, while giving me great pleasure to present to you those deserving of your attention. Maybe a spark in their soul will touch yours and all of our lives will be blessed because of our time here together.


Little Carnegie of the South

This house holds very special meaning and many cherished memories for me. The land, which once consisted of multiple acres, was purchased by my great-great grandparents in 1863, Adeline Woodruff and Samuel Insley Gustin who moved to Macon from New York City where Samuel Gustin was a horticulturist and landscape architect for Central Park.

Crockett OdomBuilt in 1906 for Mr. & Mrs. James Calloway, the house was sold to the Sherman Odom Family in 1938. Crockett Odom, a professional pianist and organist at Mulberry Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia, lived here until his death in 1986.

My childhood was consumed with admiration for this dearest friend and outstanding musician, and I spent countless hours in this house listening to him play his beloved Steinway grand piano. It wasn't at all unusual for him to call me anytime day or night to run over and perform for his family and friends.

Growing up in the two houses next door built by my great-grandmother, Helen Gustin Logan in 1890 and 1905, made it easy for me, around the age of four, to slip out at night and hide beneath the window sill to listen to Crockett practice. My mother always knew where to find me.

In 1999, after a fire nearly destroyed the house, I bought it and restored it with a dream to bring back its music and heritage. Don't we know that Crockett is guiding the future of Little Carnegie, and that he cherishes every note played on his very own Steinway grand piano, which miraculously found it's way back to its original home on this stage at 1954 Forsyth Street.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of my dream to bring to this community a small but highly significant cultural center, with the potentional to inspire and fulfill all of us who share a special and irresistible love for the arts.


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Become A Sponsor

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