The Carnegie Cafe features cool performers and artists in a bistro setting for children and teens. In an atmosphere of lava lamps, bean bag chairs, and twinkling lights, young people (NO ADULTS ALLOWED) thrive on music, art, food, and friends. This safe and healthy environment encourages self-expression, self-confidence, and creative fulfillment.

Children and teens are encouraged to share their special talents with each other without pressure, criticism, judgment, or fear. The mood is casual, relaxed, and fun. Open mic night is particularly creative with improvisation, classical piano performances, jazz and blues singers, guitarists, rock bands, and even bagpipes. There is always a Master of Ceremonies, giving young people experience speaking before an audience of friends and friends of friends.

The Carnegie Cafe can accommodate approximately thirty people. Both the Cafe and Art Gallery are available for the display of art work. Each room creates a mood of its own which enhances the type of art installed. All art work is available for viewing for a period of two weeks by appointment only. Performers and visual artists are always paid for their participation.

Refeshments served
Admission price is $10.00.        Security is provided.





Become A Sponsor
Become A Sponsor

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Little Carnegieof the south is a non-profit organization and all sponsorships and contributions are tax deductible.