Bambini dela Musica. A positive learning experience for children through five years old.

According to research, the benefits of music are overwhelmingly positive for babies and young children. Dr. Lorna Heyge of the Foundation of Music-Based Learning, states that the study of music optimizes brain development, enhances multiple intelligences, builds social and emotional skills, promotes attention to tasks and inner speech, stimulates creativity and enhances joy. Bambini dela Musica offers great musical experiences for children up to five years old. In a group of no more than five, babies and young children listen to classical music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and Contemporary periods of music. Composers' names become as familiar as their own. They play with instruments from the orchestra, learn to recognize them by sight and sound, and begin piano lessons on a 9 foot, Steinway concert grand, learning stage presence, notes, rhythm, and technique. Classes are available Monday through Thursday and are held at Little Carnegie of the South. Expert instruction is by concert pianist and Juilliard graduate, Louise Barfield.


For more information, call (478) 256-3388 or please contact us.


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