Little Carnegie of the South Art Gallery Opportunities to perform and exhibit works of art are essential for the stability and emotional fulfillment of musicians and visual artists, but these opportunities are not easily available. Little Carnegie of the South not only provides performers and artists with an inspiring and beautiful experience, but it affects, in a very special way, each member of the audience.  The connection is unforgettable.

Little Carnegie of the South Art Gallery is upstairs next to the Carnegie Cafe. A place for artistic individuality, the gallery provides opportunities for visual artists to display their special creations.  Whether it be pottery, paintings, photography, edible architecture, Christmas wreaths, jewelry, and much more. There are always irresistible temptations you might want to purchase. Each art exhibit is presented during the opening night concert.  A catered reception following the performance is given in honor of the musicians and artists. All artwork may be displayed in the gallery for two weeks and opened to the public by appointment only. All artists featured at Little Carnegie of the South are paid a fee for their exceptional talents.  No commission from the sale of artwork is paid to Little Carnegie of the South. Prices on artwork are set by the artist.

For more information, call (478) 256-3388 or please contact us.


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Become A Sponsor

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